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Monocoat Fumed is a pre-treatment which makes wood turn grey.  Fumed reacts to the amount of tannic acid present in the wood creating a unique, special effect.  Monocoat oils should be applied after the fumed treatment to complete the finish and surface protection.  Monocoat Fumed is a user friendly solution which does not release any toxic fumes our vapours.

Fumed Features

  • Produces a greying effect on oak
  • Pretreatment for Monocoat Oil Plus
  • Environmentally friendly: No toxic vapours or fumes

Fumed Application

  1. Sand the wood to prepare the surface
  2. Remove all dust
  3. Apply Moncoat fumed to the wood surface with a roller, brush or spray gun.  For a more uniform effect, ensure that the entire surface is saturated.
  4. Once dry, clean the surface with clean, damp cloths
  5. Allow the wood to fully dry
  6. Remove raised grain by polishing the surface with a buffer
  7. Ensure surface is dust free again
  8. Apply Monocoat Oil Plus



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