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Smoke is a treatment which has been developed to produce a smoked appearance on Oak.  Smoke Reacts with the amount of tannic acid in the wood creating an unique aged effect.  Monocoat oils are applied to the smoke treated surface to complete the appearance and protect the surface.  Available in 1 litre bottles.

Smoke Features:

  • Combines with monocoat oil plus
  • Produces a similar effect to an ammonia-smoking treatment
  • Environmentally friendly: No toxic fumes or vapours
  • Coverage:  Depends on preparation and type of wood - 15 to 35 square metres per litre

Smoke Application

  1. Sand the wood to prepare the surface
  2. Remove all dust
  3. Apply Monocoat Smoke evenly with a paint roller, brush or spray gun.
  4. Once dried, clean the surface with clean, damp cloths.
  5. Allow the wood to dry completely
  6. Remove the raised woodgrain by polishing the surface with a buffer
  7. Clean the surface to remove any dust
  8. Apply Monocoat Oil Plus to finish

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